On February 22nd, 1982 a group of 38 people got together to discuss organizing a group that would assist and support the Fire Department. Weeks later on May 31st, the Auxiliary was formed and the constitution was signed Before the end of the first year we had 58 members. There is still a few of the original members still active in the Auxiliary today. I am pleased to say we have had a few new members over the past few years. Today we have 25 active members

It was felt that by the time our husbands/boyfriends got the fundraising, training and actual fire calls, plus their jobs, we were not seeing them as often. So we thought we could take some of the load of them by doing some fundraising. Leaving them to concentrate on emergency calls and training.

The Auxiliary's objectives and purposes were and still are:

  1. To bring together at frequent intervals the members of the Auxiliary.
  2. To act as a fund raising agency to assist the Fire Department in obtaining equipment and apparatus.
  3. To assist the Fire Department in rendering fire and rescue services to the community.
  4. To act as an agency to assist the Fire Department in promoting community services.

Our Auxiliary is open to all members of our district , both men and women over the age of 14 willing to follow our code of conduct. It's an excellent way of working together as a community and with our neighbors to help each other and the Fire Department.

Over the past years we have given the Fire Department well over $100,000; plus raised $50,000 to the building fund; have outfitted the kitchen when the new hall was built, as well as purchasing equipment (such as BAs, Monitor Gun, Man Down Alarms) This has been achieved with the help and the support from the members of the communities served by the Fire Department.

Since 1986 the Auxiliary has also presented an Award at Parkview School to a graduating student living in the Fire District. Volunteer work is another requirement to qualify for this Award. This amount in the beginning started at $200. and to date has grown to $500 (and sometimes is shared by more than 1 student).

A variety of fundraisers have been tried over the years one of which is our Annual Chowder Supper which is almost as old as the Auxiliary and has become very well known.

All those past and present members should be proud of all which has been accomplished over the years. Continued support to the Fire Department and Auxiliary will ensure the future of the Fire Department and the protection the members provide us in the event of an emergency.

Auxiliary President,
Ginny Mulock