The mainstay of our operations, firefighting accounts for the majority of our equipment and training. The Department is able to respond to everything from house, or structural fires to woodland wildfires. Our Mutual Aid agreements with neighbouring Fire Departments ensure that resources are available when you need them.

Medical First Response (MFR)

The Department has been involved in the MFR program since it was started by EHS. Seven members are currently licensed. A large number of the annual calls are related to MFR which can be a medical call to your home, motor vehicle accidents or industrial accidents.

Water & Ice Rescue

The Department has been involved in water rescue since 1993. A large number of the members have been trained for marine calls and boat operations.

We have specialized equipment for water and ice rescue from the shore. Practices throughout the year include activities using this equipment.


A variety of other activities help support and provide fire services in our District. The Auxiliary plays a crucial role in raising the visibility of our Department within our community. Through fundraising efforts, they generate significant financial support to help offset major costs that continue to escalate as time goes by.

As our Department continues to evolve and grow, new challenges will arise, leading to more opportunities for citizens of all ages to get involved. Please consider asking "how can I help"?